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Used Egg-graders & farmpackers

On all Items shown below, we can facilitate installation and Service.

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MOBA 2000 egg grader 8 lanes  16500 eph

nr of lanes: 8

capacity: 16500 egg per hour

loader: Yes

Candling: Yes

Printer: Optional

Spareparts: yes

Condition: Used but in good working order.



MOBA egg grader OMNIA XF330 (2007) (loader and packing lanes are from 1995).

1. Steel machine:
Combi (forward) – Loader (to the left)
Manual candling
Moba crack detection with leaker.
Weighting system from below.
Transfer to the left.
16 exit lanes.


MOBA egg grader OMNIA XF330  (1999)

2. Stainless steel machine:
Loader to the right.
Automatic 3rd party vision system from Seemax (including blood detection).
Moba crack system with leaker.
Loadcell weighting system.
Transfer to the right.
14 exit lanes

machine is still running as a combi system alone for collecting eggs from the farm


Year 2008

stainless steel

very Good Condition.

For sale Farmpacker MOBA 55 with traystacker AX92, Mopack 55.

-year 1991

-very good condition

-Eggprinter optional

MOBA Loader  90000 eggs per hour

-Stainless steel loader

-very good condition.

-capacity 90.000Eph

-Wet tray detection

-Empty tray stacker

Farmpacker PRINZEN PSPC 30 with traystacker

-Year 2004

-capacity 18000eph

-Good condition.

-Stamping system.

STAALKAT FP 14400 eph

year 1999

no traystacker